Enjoy the ease & efficiency of 'Pump Safe' drafting in shallow water with a Fire Ceptor!

Instant Separation of Liquids and Solids, even in the Weeds! Click Here to see the Separators in Action.

BearsPaw ProtectaPump Ltd.'s Separators are suction nozzles for Fire pumps that instantly separate solids from liquids, allowing for the flow of clean water to pumps, thereby offering users "Advanced Pump Protection." Weeds are no challenge with the optional V-Guard attachment for the Fire Ceptor.

Whether it be for Firefighting, Mining, Gas, Oil, or Construction industries, the new BearsPaw Separators Technology outperforms conventional pump strainers and extends the lives of pumps, hoses and fittings exponentially.

Many industries accept the high costs associated with the rapid deterioration of pumps, hoses, and fittings due to inefficient and/or ineffective filtration. From an environmental perspective, we know there is a better way than the status quo “it is simply a cost of doing business” or “we have always done it this way”… So, why not simply save the money instead by using this instant Separator technology available in our Ceptor suction nozzles?

Simply contact us and share your circumstances and objectives. We will gather any necessary additional information so we can make a recommendation for specific products along with a referral to one or more of our dealers nearest your operation(s).

The various models of the Fire Ceptor Series utilize the advanced ‘Separator technology’, which is vastly superior than the ‘old strainer technology’. When using the Fire Ceptor, you can feel totally confident drafting in shallow water with depths of only 4-6 inches. The Ceptor (suction Nozzle) operates on the bottom in sand, gravel, dirt, mud, or a combination of these while it instantly separates the solids from the water and allows clean water only to flow through to the pumps, hoses and fittings. This eliminates excessive wear or serious damage to pumps, resulting in down time and costly repairs or replacement. The bottom line is that this new technology is both revolutionary and reduces your costs when compared to traditional ‘Strainers’.

Regional Dealer opportunities available in Canada. Send Inquiries to admin@ProtectaPump.com