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"The Portable Drydrant"

Safe Natural Source Shallow Drafting

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Come see & touch the Fire Ceptor at the following 2022 Trade Shows:

6-7 May Toronto OAFC
29-30 May Red Deer AFCA
2-3 Jun Dauphin MAFC
4-6 Jun Victoria FCABC
7-9 Jul Halifax AFLC

New! – Patented Technology

Pump & Nozzle Damage Protection

Gravel, weeds, sand… No Problem!

Safe & Reliable Unconventional shallow drafting in 6″-12″

Best Pump Protection for Shallow Natural Source Drafting

Available sizes: 2" to 6"

► More flexibility in ‘Pump-Safe’ drafting locations

► Slashes expensive pump repair & downtime

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Portable Drydrant... Your answer to Safe natural source Drafting

[ Click Here ] to see the 2.3 Fire Ceptor in Action

Fire Ceptor - "The Portable Dry Hydrant"

Draft Anywhere | Keep Pumps Safe

A Drafting Phenomenon for Rural & Wildland water sources.

Even those considered unsafe – shallow, weeds, sand, gravel, etc.

  • BearsPaw ProtectaPump’s Fire Ceptor is a (Shallow Water – 6″- 12″ minimum) Suction Separator for fire pumps that instantly separates solids from liquids to avoid internal pump damage.
  • How does this New Portable Dry Hydrant work in the Shallows? During the suction process, sediment, sand, etc. are instantly separated from the water at source, allowing clean water to flow to the pump while returning the sediment, sand, etc. to nature. 
  • Higher flows – the Fire Ceptor’s technology is less restrictive than suction strainers, so pumps do not have to work as hard to produce required flows. 
  • No flotation or suspension is required as the Separator is designed to rest on the bottom in gravel & sand while functioning at capacity and protecting the pump.
  • This level of Advanced Pump Protection is only possible with Suction Separator technology.
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee & 5-Year Warranty gives you the confidence to try it without hesitation.

The Fire Ceptor – an easier and safer Rural & Wildland drafting experience. Draft near the water’s edge in 6-12″ of water vs. having to locate deep water or avoid weeds.

Thornhill Fire Chief shares his experience using the Fire Ceptor

“I shot a few short videos with the Fire Ceptor in the sand and weeds with some vegetation going through the pump with no sand, then we connected the low level open strainer and ran that for only 10-20 seconds to protect our pump, there was lots of sand.

I didn’t need to sell the appliance to the membership. They were very impressed as we could never draft in the location before for obvious reasons, and we now don’t need to be worried where we draft from.”


Fire Chief, Rick Boehm – Thornhill, BC

Natural Source Shallow Drafting

Gravel, Sand, Weeds are no concern

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Q & A

“Drydrant” is a new word we coined, derived from the traditional ‘dry hydrant’ which is permanent i.e. not portable. See the Fire Ceptor – The Portable Drydrant on our Product page.

The traditional use of suction ‘strainers’ for ‘pump protection’ has resulted in millions of dollars wasted for unnecessary pump repair and destruction. Typical comments we have heard are “it is simply a cost of doing business” or “we have always done it this way”. Good news, we now have an alternative to stop the damage from occurring to pumps – it’s called Fire Ceptor – “The Portable Drydrant”.

The various models of the Fire Ceptor Series utilize the advanced ‘Separator technology’, which is vastly superior than the ‘old strainer technology’. When using the Fire Ceptor, you can be totally confident about Pump Protection while drafting in shallow water with depths of only 6-12 inches.

The Portable Dry Hydrant operates on the bottom in sand, gravel, dirt, or a combination of these while it instantly separates the solids from the water and allows clean water only to flow through to the pumps, hoses and fittings. This process eliminates excessive wear or serious damage to pumps, that normally results in down time with costly repairs or replacement.

The bottom line is that the Fire Ceptor’s level of protection for pumps is revolutionary when compared to the relative ineffectiveness of a ‘Strainer’.

Simply contact us and share your circumstances and objectives. We will gather any necessary additional information so we can make a recommendation for specific products along with a referral to one or more of our retailers nearest your operation(s). 

Trade Shows

Come see & touch the Fire Ceptor:

6-7 May Toronto OAFC
29-30 May Red Deer AFCA
2-3 Jun Dauphin MAFC
4-6 Jun Victoria FCABC
7-9 Jul Halifax AFLC