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Elite Pump Protection


Where Strainers Fail!

Less Than a Foot / 30 cm of Water

Wetlands – Creeks – Lakes – Rivers – Oceans


We're BearsPaw Separators.
Our Patented technology is superior to strainers', for Shallow Natural Source Drafting.
We eliminate RI$K of Sand/Gravel Damage.

Note: In process of renaming "Fire Ceptor" to "Separators".


Shallow Drafting in Natural Water Sources

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2023 Trade Show Calendar

DateShow NameCityExhibitor(s)
16 MayBCFTOA✅Vancouver, BCFire Power Emergency Apparatus
26-27 MayNBAFC✅Fredericton, NBCumings Fire & Safety
28-29 MayAFCA✅Edmonton, ABRocky Mountain Phoenix
1-2 JuneMAFC✅Steinbach, MBRocky Mountain Phoenix
2-3 JuneFDIC Atlantic✅Wolfville, NSCumings Fire & Safety
4-5 JuneFCABC✅Penticton, BCBearsPaw ProtectaPump,
Rocky Mountain Phoenix,
Fire Power Emergency Apparatus
8-9 JuneSAFCSwift Current, SKRocky Mountain Phoenix
Anderson Pump House (Aquifer)
5-6 JulyMFCAHalifax, NSCumings Fire & Safety
16-17 SepPEIFFANew London, PEICumings Fire & Safety

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See Separators Drafting
in Less than a Foot / 30 cm
from Natural Sources

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Rural Fire Chief Confirms:

New Safe 

Sources of Water when using Separators

Fire Chief Dean Ford comments on the large increase in Drafting locations BearsPaw Separators made possible. – Highlands Fire Dept, BC

“We’ve got a lot of water sources up here that with this product are now actually accessible — whereas they were not even close before… before they were written off.

We probably more than doubled or even tripled the amount of water sources we now have available – it’s fantastic.”

10-inches / 25 cm Depth • 1550 GPM Flow (6-inch / 150 mm Model)​

Patented Technology

Now Makes Shallow Drafting Possible in Natural Sources

Using an Unlikely Source of Water

Shallow Ditch — Drafting
in Less than a Foot / 30 cm

Safer than a Dry Hydrant & Portable

Things People Ask...

The traditional use of suction ‘strainers’ for ‘pump protection’ has resulted in millions and millions of dollars wasted for unnecessary pump repair and destruction. Typical comments we have heard are it’s simply a cost of operation or we have always done it this way”.

Good news, we now have an alternative to stop the damage to pumps from occurring… it’s called BearsPaw Separators.

Separators work while resting on sand and gravel as it instantly separates the solids from the water and allows clean water only to flow through to the pumps, hoses and fittings. This process eliminates excessive wear or serious damage to pumps, that normally results in down time with costly repairs or replacement.

The bottom line is that the level of pump protection offered by Separators is revolutionary. Especially when compared to the relative ineffectiveness of a ‘Strainer’, in the challenging conditions usually found in Shallow Natural Water Sources.

NO. Separators are designed to simply rest on the bottom of the water source in gravel & sand while flowing clean (safe) water to the pump.

Simply examine our website and view some videos then send us your questions. We may need to contact you for more information before providing our recommendation for specific products, along with a referral to one or more of our retailers nearest your operation(s). 

100% Satisfaction Guarantee with 2-Year Warranty & Made in Canada gives you the confidence to try it without hesitation.

“Drydrant” is a word we coined to describe BearsPaw Separators. It is derived from “Dry Hydrant” which is a permanent and costly installed access to a static water source. However, the Drydrant is “Portable” and just as safe or even safer for your fire pumps.

Fearless Drafting

Gravel, weeds, sand...
No Problem!

Note: Only one length of hose

100% Protection

For Pumps, Nozzles, & Sprinklers

Ocean Drafting from the Beach

Steve Cruise - Fire Chief

Piers Island Volunteer Fire Department (PIVFD)
June 1, 2022

For years the Piers Island Volunteer Fire Department has been striving to utilize our most abundant and reliable water source: the ocean that surrounds us.

But we were grievously hampered by the fact that our pumps could not reliably draft from the shore as the pump would pick up pieces of seaweed which would immediately clog our nozzles. Or they would “inhale” sand from the ocean floor or debris suspended in the water which would damage our pumps.

We tried strainers on our hard suction lines, tying buoys to the line to keep the intake from picking up sand even rowing the pumps out to deeper water in small boats. Nothing worked until we tried the SEPARATOR.

This device has given us the ability to pump sea water onto any of the 100+ seaside homes on our island. The unit is simple to install, reliable to use and easy to maintain.

The PIVFD unconditionally recommends this product to any department that relies on drafting from a static water source – be it the ocean, a lake, a pond or even a shallow stream.

2023 Separators Product List

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