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About Us

BearsPaw ProtectaPump Ltd. is a research & development company based in BC, Canada.
We are focused on water/debris separation and isolation technology for fire pumps and other industrial needs worldwide.

Our Separators Technology

  • Ensures a consistent flow of clean water to suction pumps operating in mixed water/debris (shallow) natural sources.
  • Beneficial for protecting pumps from damage and unnecessary wear & tear by simply separating solids & liquids at the source, prior to the pump receiving the flow.
  • Revolutionary when compared to a suction strainer.

As awareness and use of this disruptive evolution in pump protection grows, the huge cost savings for the fire, mining, oil, gas, agriculture, and construction industries will increase exponentially.

Strainers allow damaging pebbles, sand & debris through to pump.
Separators reject everything but water.
Smartphones perform where landlines can’t.
Separators perform where strainers can’t.
Wildfires can now be more effectively fought because of consistent & reliable water flow when using Separators.

Focus on Rural & Wildfire

  • Severe wildland fires have increased the need for drafting water from natural sources in both wildland and un-serviced rural areas.
    • We are excited to offer a product line that gives immediate benefits (consistent & reliable flow) to these brave firefighters, who risk their lives to protect life and property.
  • BearsPaw Separators transform impossible drafting conditions to easy, safe, and reliable, a.k.a. “The Ultimate Portable Dry Hydrant”.
  • Safely draft in less than 10 inches / 25 cm. Shallows, weeds, debris, sand, pebbles are no challenge. 

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