BearsPaw ProtectaPump Ltd.

About Us

Our Technology

BearsPaw ProtectaPump Ltd. is a Canadian Research and Development Company, focused on liquid/solids ‘Separation’ and Isolation technology for extraction pumps and other industrial needs.

  • Our BearsPaw Separators technology ensures a consistent flow of clean water to suction pumps operating in mixed liquid/solids or weed infested environments.
  • We are very proud to have developed this patented separator technology for protection of fire and industrial suction pumps.
  • This new technology in our Ceptor Series of Separators is revolutionary when compared to the traditional suction ‘strainer’ pump protection that is currently offered in the market.
  • We know this ‘Advanced Pump Protection’ will generate huge expense savings for the Fire, mining, oil, gas, agriculture, and construction industries.

Focus on Fire – Climate Change

Climate change and the resultant severe Forest & Wildland Fires have increased the need for drafting water from natural sources in both Wildland and un-serviced Rural areas.

  •  We are excited to offer a product line that gives immediate benefits to these brave Firefighters while risking their lives to protect people and property.
  • The Revolutionary Fire Ceptor – The Portable Drydrant is the only product available that reliably and consistently drafts clean (pump safe) water from low level natural sources (6″-12″) with weeds, sand, or gravel.