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Demo Videos & Pictures of
A Rural and Wildland Drafting Revolution

Easy & Safe Drafting at Lake Edge

Lake Country Fire Rescue​

Fire Chief comments after using "The Portable Dry Hydrant"

Fire Chief Dave Boreen – Jaffray FD, BC

Fire Chief Dean Ford – Highlands FD, BC

Ditch Demo - Abbotsford, BC

Watch Fire Chief & EVT share their thoughts on this drafting breakthrough

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Shawnigan Lake, BC, Fire Chief, Keith Shields and C.G. Mechanical EVT, Colin Gaw share their thoughts on Fire Ceptor – “The Portable Dry Hydrant”

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Various locations throughout Western Canada

Prince Albert FD demoing Fire Ceptor 6.1V - Filling tank
SK - APH- Checking for residue in tank after filling from Pond with 6.1 with V Guard
No sediment in tank after using 6.1 with V-Guard to fill from pond

Anderson Pump House Demo – Prince Albert, SK

No sediment after using a WATERAX and a Fire Ceptor with a V-Guard to fill from pond

V-Guard Test in weeds – Filled and emptied tank – No residue – Jaffray FD, BC

6.1 with V-Guard – Highlands, BC

Pumping from Pond with weeds, mud, sand & gravel​ – Highlands, BC

Farmer’s Pond – Saanichton, BC

Testing GPM for Fire Ceptor 6.1 with V-Guard – Rural Drafting – Natural water source

Typical rural water source for a Fire Ceptor
Typical rural water source for a Fire Ceptor

Test Demo Video of New Fire Ceptor 2.3HPC – ‘Suction Separator’ – designed for WATERAX MK3 or similar fire Pumps