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Demo Videos & Pictures of
A Rural and Wildland Drafting Revolution

Easy & Safe Drafting at Lake Edge

Lake Country Fire Rescue​

Fire Chief comments after using "The Portable Drydrant"

Fire Chief Dave Boreen (ret.) – Jaffray FD, BC

Fire Chief Dean Ford – Highlands FD, BC

Ditch Demo - Abbotsford, BC

Watch Fire Chief & EVT share their thoughts on this drafting breakthrough

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Shawnigan Lake, BC – Fire Chief, Keith Shields and C.G. Mechanical EVT, Colin Gaw share their thoughts on Fire Ceptor – “The Portable Drydrant”

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Various locations throughout Western Canada

Shallow drafting in sand & gravel with one length of hose - Shawnigan Lake, BC

Thornhill Fire Chief shares his experience using the FIRE CEPTOR

“I shot a few short videos with the FIRE CEPTOR in the sand and weeds with some vegetation going through the pump with no sand, then we connected the low level open strainer and ran that for only 10-20 seconds to protect our pump, there was lots of sand.

I didn’t need to sell the appliance to the membership. They were very impressed as we could never draft in the location before for obvious reasons, and we now don’t need to be worried where we draft from.”

Fire Chief, Rick Boehm – Thornhill, BC

Natural Source Shallow Drafting

Gravel, Sand, Weeds are no concern

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Anderson Pump House Demo – Prince Albert, SK

SK - APH- Checking for residue in tank after filling from Pond with 6.1 with V Guard
No sediment in tank after using 6.1 with V-Guard to fill from pond
No sediment after using a WATERAX and a Fire Ceptor with a V-Guard to fill from pond
Prince Albert FD demoing Fire Ceptor 6.1V - Filling tank

Wildfire Drafting

Example of 'Pump-safe' shallow drafting

V-Guard Test in weeds – Filled and emptied tank – No residue – Jaffray FD, BC

6.1 with V-Guard – Highlands, BC

Pumping from Pond with weeds, mud, sand & gravel​ – Highlands, BC

Farmer’s Pond – Saanichton, BC

Testing GPM for Fire Ceptor 6.1 with V-Guard – Rural Drafting – Natural water source

Typical rural water source for a Fire Ceptor
Typical rural water source for a Fire Ceptor

Natural Source Low-Level Drafting

Gravel, Sand, Weeds are no problem

Test Demo Video of New Fire Ceptor 2.3HPC – ‘Suction Separator’ – designed for WATERAX MK3 or similar fire Pumps