We have developed various Separators to meet the needs of our existing and new customers. Our products are designed for a variety of pump sizes and types with connection options to meet your requirements. Our available sizes are 6″, 5″, 4″, 3″, 2.5″, 2″, and 1.5″ (foot valve is included in 1.5″ to 3″, and some 4″ models). We also offer the optional V-Guard (all sizes) if weeds are a challenge in your area.

Fire Product Line - Examples

6.1 Fire Ceptor with V-guard
6.1 Fire Ceptor with V-Guard
6.1, 4.1H, and 3.1 Fire Ceptors with V-guards
6.1, 4.1H, and 3.1 Fire Ceptors with V-Guards
4.1H Fire Ceptor with V-Guard
3.1 Fire Ceptor with 2.5 BAT, Foot Valve, & V-Guard
6.1 Fire Ceptor with Venturi & V-Guard
3.1 Fire Ceptor with Camlock & Foot Valve
2.3 HPC Fire Ceptor (for use with small fire pumps, e.g., WATERAX). Note: Fire nozzle is for size relativity.

Fire Ceptor 2.3 – HPC

  • Shallow water drafting (4″) – designed to sit on the bottom near the shoreline
  • Pump Protection – Suction Separator (instantly separates sand and sediment allowing only a clean water flow to the pump)
  • Foot Valve – to maintain prime
  • Swivel connector – easily adapts to difference in elevation between hose and Separator
  • Compact design – for small High Pressure portable Fire Pumps (e.g. WATERAX)- back packable
  • V-Guard option – neutralizes effects of weeds on suction pumps

Best Suction Protection Available for Fire Pumps

What are the differences between the Fire Ceptor Series of Suction ‘Separators’ (new tech) and Suction ‘Strainers’ (old tech)?

The main differences are Pump Protection, Safety and Reliability.

The following quick comparison clearly demonstrates the amazing differences between a ‘Separator’ and a ‘Strainer’, especially for Firefighting needs in Wildland and Rural drafting situations:

Draft water from portable tankYesYesAssuming no solids or sediment in tank – both will deliver clean water
Draft from Natural water source (lake, pond, river, bog, marsh) shallow water 4″- 6″ deepNot safely or for long periodsYesStrainer: Sediment, sand etc. will pass through to the pump while larger particles will collect and plug suction causing cavitation and internal pump damage.

Separator: During the suction process, sediment, sand etc. are instantly separated from the water at source, allowing clean water to flow to the pump while returning the sediment, sand etc. to nature.
Draft from weed infested water sourcesNoYes (with V-Guard Option)Strainer: Will quickly suck weeds, sand etc. and clog inflow suffocating the pump causing cavitation and internal pump damage.

Separator: When fitted with V- Guard, will flow clean water indefinitely even while it is submerged in the weeds.

This Technology is Magical… must be experienced to believe it

  • Separator Technology saves the expensive avoidable costs of pump replacement, repair, and downtime.
  • Continuous flow of clean water enables reliability and longevity for other related equipment:
  • Avoid blockage of Sprinkler Heads used for structure protection or fire nozzles during Wildland Firefighting.
  • Confidence & Safety for Firefighters experiencing the reliability of the pump producing consistent pressure with clean water and without unexpectedly shutting down (from overheating or cavitation).
  • Avoid overheating and pump burnout because of a partial or blocked suction ‘strainer’ (common with strainers).
  • Designed for drafting in shallow water (4″– 6″ Minimum), while resting on sand and gravel or in weeds (with optional V-Guard).
  • 100% Satisfaction Guaranteed and Made in Canada, gives you the confidence to try the Fire Ceptor without hesitation.